February 7, 2011

Except for the first few paragraphs of each chapter, I took Dead Ginny off the net in 2005 but if you want to read and/or listen to the sucker for free, click this. Thanks. G.


Gerard Jones

Chapter Thirteen
Ocean Beach

Elliot Felton was shamelessly in love with Virginia Good. He had been since the night we met her. I knew that. She knew that. He knew that. It was a well known fact to all concerned. But what were we supposed to do about it? Play Jules and Jim? Have some three way deal? I already had a three way deal going on with Tom Piper. Getting Elliot in on it would have made it a four way deal. Then there was Stephen Goldstein. And Steven Blumenthal—Steven Blumenthal. Holy shit! There's another name from out of absolutely nowhere. He was a friend of Stephen Goldstein's. He called himself a "writer" too. You had to call yourself something sort of arty in order to get into Ginny's good graces. That was Tom Piper's problem. He was an engineer.

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