February 7, 2011

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Gerard Jones

Chapter Seventeen
Drog Store Cafe

Elliot came back into the picture briefly around the beginning of the Spring of 1967 or so. He seemed to have recuperated somewhat from most of the short term effects of his father having blown his head half off—not to mention all the other loops life had thrown him for. These things take time. He'd started going to school at the Art Institute, had gotten a part time job as the instructor of a class there, too, having, as best I was able to determine, something to do with techniques employed in the use of an airbrush, and had a girlfriend—all of which seemed to have had a salubrious effect on his psyche, as well. Especially the girlfriend. She was a cute little Korean chick, with extra slanty eyes and something wrong with her thumbs—like maybe the knuckles were too big? I don't know. She also had one of those big bucktooth Asian overbites, as well, but was still cute as hell—and smart and arty, with just a faint vestige of difficulty with the English Language. Or maybe it was the overbite that caused the language difficulty, it was so negligible I couldn't tell, and it just added to her overall cuteness in any case. Ginny and I ran into them on Haight Street a couple times, once just out on the street and another time at the Drog Store Cafe.

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