February 7, 2011

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Gerard Jones

Chapter Twenty-two

Okay, this next part gets a little tricky. After Melanie and Wendy and I moved back from Sacramento, we lived in an apartment by the San Mateo Municipal Golf Course. I still had it in mind that Ginny and Elliot and Melanie and I should all at least try living together but the idea didn't seem to be going anywhere so I sort of eased Melanie another step or two in that direction by encouraging her to fuck other people. I wanted her to get over being jealous—to see that she could be with other people without it diminishing the affection we had for one another. The way I saw it was that it would only increase the affection we had for each other. I wanted her to see that I would be even more in love with her than ever. So she started fucking other people. I'm sure what she had in mind was that once she actually went out and did it a time or two, I really wouldn't like it very much at all, and we could forget about the whole absurd idea of the four of us all trying to live together. It was the early seventies. These were all such early seventies things; trying to get a bunch of people to all live together, fucking other people without it diminishing the affection two people had for one another—we may even have had a lava lamp there for awhile.

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