February 7, 2011

Except for the first few paragraphs of each chapter, I took Dead Ginny off the net in 2005 but if you want to read and/or listen to the sucker for free, click this. Thanks. G.


Gerard Jones

Chapter Twenty-three

The repercussions of us all trying to live together went on for decades. They're still going on. Nothing's been the same since. I suppose I could try to sort it all out, but I have to be wrapping this up pretty soon—for all kinds of reasons, not the least among which are 1) that my settlement money's almost completely gone, 2) that I'm through with the part about how we all tried to live with each other, which, from the beginning, was all I said I was going to say and 3) there's still way too much to even begin to try to get into. So I'm just going to zip right along for awhile and see if this sucker don't end itself on its own terms pretty soon.

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