A Novel Biography of the First Hippie

by Gerard Jones

February 7, 2011

Except for the first few paragraphs of each chapter, I took Dead Ginny off the net in 2005 but if you want to read and/or listen to the sucker for free, click this. Thanks. G.

Gerard Jones


If you just want to read the book, read the Non-Annotated version.

If you want the whole multimedia experience, read the Annotated version.


It is my modest intention to change the way writing is published. By way of an example, I propose doing this in four general ways:

    1) by making Dead Ginny available, gratis and commercial free, on the Internet,

    2) by linking Dead Ginny to other pertinent Internet sites,

    3) by encouraging the participation and editorial expertise of the readers of Dead Ginny and

    4) by whatever other useful new concepts in publishing as may occur during the process of totally winging it.

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--Gerard Jones
March 2000

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